Roll a Ball

Introducing Roll a Ball – Your Portable Fairground Game!

Step right up and experience the thrill of Roll a Ball – the classic fairground game. Also known as Kentucky Derby or Donkey Derby, now in a compact, portable format! Perfect for parties, events, exhibitions, and more, this fast-paced 4-player game guarantees non-stop entertainment.

Featuring automatic gameplay, dynamic commentary, and vibrant LED lighting, Roll a Ball is a crowd-pleaser wherever it goes. Set it up in hotels, convention centers, or event venues – it’s the perfect addition to any gathering!

How to Win

Players compete to roll their balls up the playfield, aiming for the colored holes to score points. Each lane offers different scoring opportunities, propelling players closer to the exhilarating finish line with every successful roll.

Don’t miss out on the excitement – bring Roll a Ball to your next event and watch the fun unfold!

What’s Included?

Experience the Thrill of the Donkey Derby Roll a Ball Game!

Get ready for high-speed fun with the Donkey Derby Roll a Ball game! This action-packed attraction features integrated LED lighting, a PA system, automated sound effects, and lively commentary, all wrapped up in a fully themed setup complete with a leaderboard.

A favorite at events, this game guarantees excitement and draws attention wherever it goes. It’s the perfect way to create a buzz and keep guests entertained!

Choose from four standard themes: classic ‘donkey derby’ horse race, Snowmen, Reindeers, or Bride & Groom – there’s something for every occasion!

Add your Branding

For sponsorship, exhibition or promotional events the roll a bowl can be completely branded. Add your company or client logos, brand messages and even have custom objects or characters made for the track!

Each section of the Roll a Ball can be customised, choose from any or all of the below:

Playing Field x 4 £320 +VAT
Back board £195 +VAT
Game skirt £195 +VAT
Waves section £145 +VAT
Characters x 4 £165 +VAT
Fully branded (all of the above) £1020 +VAT


Roll a Ball Hire: £895 +VAT

Fully Branded Roll a Ball Hire: £1915 +VAT

Or create your own branding package by choosing from the options above.

Make a Booking

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book our Roll-a-Ball for your event: